Taking a Little Time Off

Hi everyone. As always, thanks for taking the time to visit my golf blog. You may have noticed the new content has ground to a halt in the past couple weeks after a furious summer full of travel and adventure. Well, even I need a little break from the game every once in awhile. I think that final march to 1K (and beyond) took a bit out of me—emotionally, physically and definitely financially—so this is a good time to hit the reset button with a few weeks off.

I won’t play much, if at all, this month. It’s probably good timing with a lot of maintenance going on anyway. I do have what should be another productive Northern California trip at the very end of September and into early October. That will likely be the next new content that you see as I check some more courses up there off my list.

Until then, there’s still plenty of stuff on this site you can check out. I’ve played, reviewed and photographed nearly 1,000 different courses over the past seven years. Have you read them all yet? Or, you can always check out my Regional Rankings page for a more organized breakdown of the review links based on geographic regions.

I may use this brief time off to work on the site a bit. This new version of the blog on WordPress has been such a blessing. I only wish I made the move sooner as it turned out to be much easier to transfer all the old content than I ever expected. At the same time, I think the technology to accomplish that smoothly finally caught up with my desire to make the move. It had been irking me for several years. Either way, it’s been so much better and I’ve definitely seen the difference in performance.

Ultimately, I want to go through and update every old course review page that was pulled over from the old site. Some of it’s just proofreading to correct mistakes and typos. I can also make notes on courses that have closed, been altered since I played/reviewed them and/or have changed names. In addition, there will be some back-end additions to improve SEO. I’m not in a position yet to repost all the photos in the new gallery format (which I prefer so much more, even though it’s not as smooth on mobile views). Eventually maybe, but don’t count on that anytime soon.

Nonetheless, I appreciate everyone’s support over the years and I welcome all new visitors to the site as I continue to roll on with my Golf Nomad adventures for—hopefully—many more years to come!

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