The best way to reach me is by sending me an email at I check it regularly and will respond at my earliest convenience. If you need help in choosing courses or advice when traveling to different regions I’ve been to, just let me know. If you are a private club member (or know someone who is) and want to help me access a hard-to-get course—especially in California, Nevada, Oregon or Arizona—I would certainly appreciate it.

Also, it is my goal to keep this site ad-free so that it is as user-friendly as possible. All this travel and golf is not cheap, so I appreciate any support you are willing to offer through GoFundMe or Patreon (click on the link below). If you want to pitch in via PayPal, Venmo or Gpay, email me for the information. You can contribute whatever you feel comfortable with and every little bit will help to keep this blog alive. Thank you!


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