Updated Course Review: Coyote Hills Golf Course

It’s been a couple years since I played here, but I ventured up to Fullerton on Sunday to join my buddies in the Los Angeles Golf Group for a small tournament on this always fun course.

I’ll keep this short and sweet as you and read my previous review for more thoughts and information on the layout of Coyote Hills. It is a fun one for me as the course is target golf to the max. We played the blue tees and as long as you could keep the ball in play (much easier said than done) and make a few putts on these deceptive greens, good scores were out there to be had.

I was in the lead group off at 1:30 and we never had to wait too much. It was not a super quick pace, but decent on a busy Sunday afternoon. Maybe just a bit over 4.5 hours.

The course conditions left something to be desired and were pretty similar to last time I was here (with the exception of the greens—they were much better this time compared to the half-punched versions we encountered in 2013). There weren’t many drivers being used from the blue tees, so there was plenty of divot damage. The fairways were firm and fast semi-dormant bermuda, so we got plenty of roll out and had very tight lies to hit from. The rough was very spotty with grass coverage, but they kept it cut short, so it was never too penal other than a few chunky side-hill lies to contend with.

The greens were soft and looked nice. I felt the greens on the course rolled slower than the practice green and were also bumpy at times. I was in a few bunkers and they were all decent. However, I did find it weird that the fairway bunkers have beautiful white fluffy resort sand and the greenside ones didn’t quite look or play as nicely.

We got a twilight group rate of $65, which still seems somewhat overpriced. I do enjoy this layout a lot, but it’s another OC course that just seems like too much money to play on a regular basis. That said, it’s one I don’t mind visiting every so often just for the fun layout. I will say the staff was great and we saw the cart girl several times on a warm day.

The best part was that we had nicer weather than last time and I was able to get a lot of new pictures that should showcase the course’s scenery better than before.

Some pictures from Coyote Hills Golf Course (5/31/15):

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