New Developments on the Site

With the rainy weather we had in Southern California, it gave me a perfect excuse to take a much-needed weekend off from golf. A little time to rest and reflect, as well as start chipping away at the newest feature of this blog.

To the left, you’ll see a “Regional Rankings” tab and within in it, you’ll ultimately find what will be my personal rankings for various regions throughout California and beyond. Not everyone will agree with my assessments, but they are based on my opinions and experiences.

Right now, there’s not much of anything there, but I will be filling it out more as time goes on. I started with the most difficult region first (Coachella Valley), so that’s a big one to get out of the way. Still, it’s going to be a bit of an undertaking. It takes awhile to compile the lists and set up the individual page links, so keep checking back and I hope you find it helpful or enjoyable on some level.


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