2014: A Look Ahead

We’re a few weeks into 2014 and I’m getting used to a little slower pace. Though playing well over 100 rounds each of the last two years was a blast, it’s taken a toll on me—physically, mentally and financially. Though I’ll still be playing a lot of golf this year by anyone’s standards, I definitely don’t plan to go quite as overboard again.

Of course, these are the same things I was saying early in 2013, as well, so who knows how things will shape up.

Either way, I certainly have some good things on the horizon for 2014.

Local Goals

Locally, I plan to complete my personal goal of playing every public regulation, 18-hole course in Southern California. I only have a handful of courses left in a few regions. I’ll slowly chip away at this remaining list as I get back to a more “normal” routine of golf at some favorite courses I am more familiar with.

As it pertains to this site, when I play a course I haven’t reviewed or photographed here, I will definitely post a new detailed “Course Review.” Other times, I may play courses I’ve already reviewed on this site once or twice. In those cases, I might not post a new review at all or, if I do, it might be a shorter one just pertaining to the latest experience and featuring a handful of up-to-date photos.

In other words, my posts might get a little more spread out than they have been on this site.

Once I do finally complete my SoCal goal, I plan to add a “Regional Rankings” page to the site that will categorize and list all courses I’ve played by region/county. It will not only provide a good place for me to keep my personal course rankings up to date, but will also provide another easier way for people to search through reviews by region rather than the giant alphabetical list.

Private Courses

Beyond my public list, I hope to have more opportunities to play a few more private clubs this year. I know I’ll be signing up for some SCGA member outings and looking for other “member for a day” deals online. Unfortunately, most of these opportunities are on weekdays, so I can only pick and choose a handful each year.

I’m already signed up to play Glendora Country Club with the SCGA in May and there are several others on my radar. Probably the highest on my personal list is Stone Eagle out in Palm Desert. Looks like an amazing track that not a lot of people are aware of, but the $240 price tag is very steep and I’ll have to save a few more pennies before I can lock that one in. Ideally, playing a little less this year will help me focus my budget on more quality instead of quantity.

Getting Social

Naturally, I’m sure I’ll be involved in as many Greenskeeper.org outings I can make it to. Likewise, my LA Golf Group will provide a lot of fun throughout the year. Between these big group get-togethers and having more chances to play with other golf buddies, my local golf social calendar should still be pretty full.

Road Trips!

As for smaller road trips to nearby regions, I do have a few in mind. I’m sure I’ll be visiting Vegas at least once and I also hope to make a trip to Laughlin/Bullhead City this year. I won’t be surprised if I end up visiting Monterey and/or the Bay Area. Same goes for Phoenix. Above all else, though, I really want to go to the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area at some point this year. A trip to that excellent golf destination is way past due for me.

50 States

Lastly, I plan to check at least a few more states off of my big 50-state goal. Right now I am at 28 and should be over 30 by the end of the year.

I’m likely leaning toward a spring trip to the Gulf Coast. I want to explore parts of the famed Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, while also visiting the last few states I have in that southern region (Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas).

If vacation time and money allow, I’d love to take a late summer trip to Wisconsin. Of course, there I’d want to play the great Kohler Courses (Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run) and perhaps Erin Hills, too. I’d love to tie that same trip together with stops in the rest of the upper Midwest states I haven’t played in yet (North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota). It may be a bit ambitious and I don’t know if it will happen this year, but it’s a twinkle of an idea at this point.

If that second trip doesn’t pan out, then another option is a Pinehurst, North Carolina trip around Thanksgiving when rates are pretty decent at the resort. I’m sure after watching the U.S. Open there this year, I’ll be jonesing to play it!

Wherever I end up playing, I’ll be having a blast and there will be no shortage of great content to provide here on bogeysacrossamerica.com

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