Course Review: Meadow Lake Golf Club

Note: This course was significantly renovated and renamed Boulder Oaks Golf Club. Check out the more recent review here.

I played out here this morning with a few buddies. It was my second time playing Meadow Lake in Escondido, but I remembered it being a fun layout with a handful of scenic views. Having played here twice now, I can’t help but wonder where the name of this course came from. There is one small pond on the course—hardly what I would consider a “Lake.” And with the hilly layout and bevvy of trees, it doesn’t resemble any “Meadow” I’ve ever seen. Golf course names are often a bit weird, but that’s the kind of thing I think about sometimes during a long round of golf.

This is a pretty fun layout. The course is not super long and definitely falls under the “target golf” category. There is OB on most every hole, plenty of hills and trees and a few blind shots. There are a few holes most people would consider a bit too funky, but I don’t mind something a little out of the ordinary from time to time. Overall, it’s a fairly scenic course. The epitome is on the tee box of the par-3 4th hole, which has a fantastic view of the sprawling Escondido mountains and valleys and is far and away the most memorable hole on this course.

Unfortunately, the conditions today were far less than great. We got a decent deal on GolfNow for only $39, which isn’t bad on a Sunday. So I didn’t expect stellar conditions, but it was worse than hoped. Fortunately, it wasn’t very crowded out there and we were able to enjoy a nice relaxed round on a beautiful day as we played a little team skins game.

Regarding the conditions, the greens were the highlight of the course. They were lush, soft on approaches and relatively smooth on putts. They did run way too slow for my personal tastes, but not bad once you figured out the speeds. The fairways were in very bad shape. Mostly dried out with a lot of bare/hardpan areas. The rough was also quite sad, as there seemed to be more gopher mounds and dirt patches than grass once you got off the fairways. The sand traps looked pretty barren. I was in one and it was not too great.

If not for the good company and fun competition, this would have been a less-than-enjoyable visit to this course. I do still appreciate the quirky and scenic layout, but the conditions left too much to be desired for me.

Some pictures from Meadow Lake Golf Club (8/5/12):

Great view from the signature par-3 4th hole:

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