Too Much Indy-cision…

I’m exactly a month away from my next big Bogeys Across America trip. Only a few things are set in stone so far, but the pieces are slowly coming together.

The one thing I do know for sure is that I am flying into Indianapolis on August 11 and flying home the following Saturday night (the 18th). However, because of Indy’s nice central location, there were a lot of directions I could go to play in other states. The original plan was for this to be a four-state trip (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee) and I had all the courses picked out to where I’d be playing multiple times in each state.

But as I continued to think, the more I leaned toward cutting out a few of those “extra” rounds and using that time to squeeze in two additional states (Illinois and Michigan). Part of the original plan was that I would be at 25 states by the end of this trip (so I could say I was officially “halfway”), but getting two more states crossed off is also appealing and might save me some time and money in the long run. Plus, the courses I’d be looking to play in Michigan and Illinois are big on my “wish list,” so that adds even more appeal to the trip as a whole.

I may play as many as 12 rounds over the course of the week and stop in six different states. I would still get to play multiple times in a few states, so this just cuts out some of the “fluff” and keeps me focused on my top selections.  I have been calling around and it looks like the overall route and dates should work out with what I am planning. Here is what I am looking at right now, assuming all goes as planned:

8/12: Brickyard Crossing • Indianapolis, IN and St. Ives • Stanwood, MI

8/13: Tullymoore • Stanwood, MI and Arcadia Bluffs • Arcadia, MI

8/14: Cog Hill #4 (and possibly one of the other three Cog Hill courses or another course in Chicago area) • Lemont, IL

8/15: Longaberger • Nashport, OH

8/16: Old Silo • Mt. Sterling, KY (and if time, Stonehenge in Fairfield Glade, TN)

8/17: The Hermitage (both courses) • Nashville, TN

8/18: Purgatory • Lebanon, IN

As always, it will be a lot of driving and a lot of golf crammed into a very short time frame, but that’s the Golf Nomad style! We’ll see how it all works out and details will come together even more once I get close enough to start making tee times.

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