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I signed up for the latest Match Play championship on Greenskeeper.org earlier this week. It’s the third time they’ve done this event, but it’s my first time playing. I wasn’t playing a lot of golf the first time they did it and then I was a little too late to join up last year, so I am very much looking forward to the experience. I watched a lot of the WGC Accenture Match Play event on TV last week, so it got me nice and geeked up.

It’s a pretty cool idea. GK regularly has big group events (I also hope to sign up for the next one at Eagle Falls in Indio—April 21). This Match Play event is more of a grass roots idea for different members of the site to pair up and have a friendly competition in a traditional head-to-head match play format (with handicaps factoring in to level the playing field as much as possible). Once the initial pairings are set by region, then it’s up to the two competitors to get in touch with one another and coordinate a day, time and course when they’ll meet and face off.

And just like March Madness basketball, it’s all bracketed out by region until the final winner is crowned.

It’s a really cool idea and a great opportunity to meet some other golfers from the site. I don’t have high expectations of going very far, but you never know. Whether I go “one and done” or far into the bracket, it should be a great experience.

There are 4 regions: East (Inland Empire/Palm Springs), North (everything north of LA), West (LA County) and South (Orange County and San Diego). I’m in the South division.

If you are not already a member of Greenskeeper.org, go sign up. It’s a great social network for golfers with members nationwide and a wonderful resource to research current course conditions before you go out and play—that’s especially helpful this time of year when so many courses are dormant for the winter months.

And if you are on GK, go sign up for the Match Play Season 3 (it’s in the Forum section). I know the East and North brackets are already full, but there are still a couple of openings in the West and South divisions.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted on my Match Play results. Should have some good stories to tell!

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