Regrip it and Rip it.

Sometimes a rainy weekend can be more expensive for a golfer than a normal one. This past Saturday, it was rainy and drizzly most of the day down here in Southern California. What’s a weekend golfer to do?

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in the idea of visiting the Roger Dunn Superstore in Santa Ana. There were a lot of people there running their “golf-related errands.” With my big Thanksgiving golf trip coming up, I wanted to get some new balls, but I walked out with all-new grips on my entire set of clubs. It’s a decision I’ve been considering for a little while because I’ve had some hand problems recently and have been looking at the thicker, “squishier” style grips.

I used the practice range at Roger Dunn to hit a few balls with another iron set that already had the grips I was considering. I really liked the feel of the grips. Definitely seemed to put less stress on my sore hand/knuckle and I really liked the softer, naturally tackier style grip. So I bit the bullet and left my full set of clubs behind to get regripped.

I hit the range on Sunday afternoon to give them a test run. I was really hoping I didn’t make a bad decision. It would really suck to have to go back and do it again. But the range session went really well. My hand didn’t really hurt at all and I really liked the overall feel of the new grips (especially on my driver and woods). Only drawback I have found so far is they really don’t fit as well together in my bag (much tighter fit now). And the fact they are brown grips instead of traditional black will take a little getting used to visually, but I kind of like that they’re a little “different.”

Can’t wait to try them out on an actual course (hopefully this weekend, weather permitting)! Doubt they will improve my score or anything, but I look forward to trying something new.

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