Course Review: Orinda Country Club

This last Northern California trip was a whirlwind three days with plenty of driving and a lot of golf during the longest days of the year. I have one more course to review, though, and I certainly saved the best for last. Orinda Country Club is something special in the East Bay Area. Like Marin... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Berkeley Country Club

One of my primary reasons for this most recent road trip to Northern California was because of an NCGA member outing scheduled at Berkeley Country Club on Monday, July 16. If you are keeping with my countdown to 1,000 courses played, this would represent #998 on the list. This was the middle round on a... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Virginia Country Club

Yesterday, I went and played Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, CA for the first time. This one has been on my wish list for a long time, but opportunities to access this private club are very few and far between. The few charity tournaments I have seen there have been ridiculously expensive. A friend... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Hacienda Golf Club

I was excited to play this course as part of an SCGA member outing. I’ve always heard some great things about this club. Though not usually mentioned in the same breath with classic, high-end LA clubs like Riviera, LACC or Bel Air, I’ve always gotten the sense that members here have held this place in... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Wilson Golf Course

After playing the Harding course in Griffith Park a couple weeks ago, I was eager to come back and play Wilson, which is generally regarded as the better of the two. I made it a priority to play there this past weekend because I knew the course was getting ready to aerate the greens this... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Harding Golf Course

I teed it up here on Sunday. I’m not sure how it came to this, but in all my years of playing golf in Southern California I had never played either of the main Griffith Park courses (there is also a 9-hole course, Roosevelt, located in a different section of the park). I knew they... Continue Reading →

Course Review: San Diego Country Club

Actually, I played three rounds the other day (yes, I am aware I have a problem), but I am splitting up the reviews a little differently this time. I played “warm-up” and “cool-down” rounds at Cottonwood Golf Club (Lakes) and Bonita Golf Course. I’ll get the reviews and photos up from those rounds later this... Continue Reading →

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