Too Much Time on My Hands

We've reached the end of my 3-day Southern Utah adventure. After marathon days on both Thursday and Friday of my trip, I was left with just one course in St. George that I hadn't played yet. It turns out, I saved one of the best surprises for last... Sunbrook Golf Club • St. George, UT... Continue Reading →

Under the St. George Sun

Before my recent trip to St. George, I had 11 potential courses on my checklist that I hadn't yet played. Before noon on the second day, I only had three left! Uncrowded courses, affordable rates and quick rounds made it easy to keep playing. Yet, the heat seemed to crank up an extra notch by... Continue Reading →

Short Course Blitz: Southern Utah

With so much golf around St. George, it's a bit surprising that the area really doesn't have that many short courses. And, two of them are actually at the same facility! And, one of those barely counts as a golf course! The good news is that a lack in quantity does not mean a lack... Continue Reading →

Starting the Surge in St. George

I usually end up taking some sort of golf trip around my birthday. I went a few days early this year for a few reasons. I was looking at different destinations that were moderately affordable, reasonably close to drive to and packed with new courses for me to play. I was considering Flagstaff/Sedona, which is... Continue Reading →

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