Course Review: Oakmont Country Club

When most people hear the name Oakmont Country Club, they immediately think of the famous major-host course in Western Pennsylvania. Some Northern Californians may even think of Oakmont Golf Club up in Santa Rosa. However, Southern California has its own Oakmont Country Club, located in the hills of Glendale. It was established in 1922. It’s... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Santa Anita Golf Course

Some golf buddies and I got together for an early morning round yesterday at San Dimas Canyon, which I reviewed fairly recently and things haven’t changed too much. If anything, the fairways have actually gotten worse there, which was sad to see. Nonetheless, this article will focus only on the afternoon round at Santa Anita... Continue Reading →

A Rematch with Scholl Canyon

Well, this probably won’t be one of the longer reviews I write. It wasn’t long ago that I played Scholl Canyon Golf Course in Glendale as part of the LA Golf Group I belong to. We played out there last summer in our “Three-Club Monte” event, where players are limited to just three clubs in... Continue Reading →

“Three-Club Monte” at Scholl Canyon

Yesterday, I participated in my third event with the LA Golf Group. It’s a fun bunch of guys and the competition isn’t too serious, so it’s a good excuse to get out and play some different formats. This event was called “Three-Club Monte” and it means you can only use three clubs (putter included). I’ve... Continue Reading →

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