Finishing Strong in San Diego County

My quest to play all the public, regulation 18-hole courses in Southern California continues with a goal of completing the primary list in February. Saturday found me finishing things up down in beautiful San Diego County. There are still many private clubs and plenty of short courses I may play someday, but from what I... Continue Reading →

The San Diego Locals’ Double-Dip

Okay, so the ultimate 36-hole day for any San Diegan is Torrey Pines South/North, which I had the pleasure of experiencing earlier this year. I had to pay the non-resident rate there, whereas locals get to play those legendary courses for much more reasonable rates. Sunday, I had the opportunity to play the “other” two... Continue Reading →

More Fun in Sunny San Diego

I told you all about my visit to San Diego Country Club the other day. That round was certainly the “main event” for that day of golf. But as you’ve come to expect from me, it definitely wasn’t the only golf I played that day. In fact, I played two additional rounds—one before and one... Continue Reading →

Course Review: San Diego Country Club

Actually, I played three rounds the other day (yes, I am aware I have a problem), but I am splitting up the reviews a little differently this time. I played “warm-up” and “cool-down” rounds at Cottonwood Golf Club (Lakes) and Bonita Golf Course. I’ll get the reviews and photos up from those rounds later this... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up My Labor Day Weekend

Most times I get a three-day weekend, I’ll take a little road trip. But I’ve already had plenty of those this summer and a couple more coming up soon, so I figured I’d keep it close to home over the Labor Day holiday. Well, “close to home” by my standards. After two rounds out in... Continue Reading →

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