Overtime in Olympic Valley

The original plan for this last Northern California trip had Gray's Crossing and Old Greenwood as my final two rounds on Tuesday before a long drive home. However, you may have noticed that a couple rounds got played earlier than anticipated along the way and that left only Old Greenwood to play that morning. Ultimately,... Continue Reading →

North for the Holidays, Part 1

I haven’t had many new posts lately, but I’ll be busier over the next couple weeks. It’s that time of year when I make my annual trip to Northern California to spend the holidays with family. As usual, I stop for some golf along the way. My trip began with a round at a nice... Continue Reading →

An Awesome Day in Auburn

As I began making my way home from Northern California, I had a number of options to consider. I decided to branch out to an area I’ve never really been. Around there, they call it “Gold Country"—right in between Sacramento and Reno in the foothills of the Sierras. I played two rounds on Saturday in... Continue Reading →

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