Updated Course Review: Oak Quarry Golf Club

This week, I have a few local courses lined up that I’ve played and reviewed before, but they are some of my favorites. So, I will be posting updated reviews to talk about the latest experience and conditions, along with some new photos. On Thursday I’ll be playing my favorite OC course, Tijeras Creek, and... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Business and Close Calls

Believe it or not, it was another busy golf weekend for me. The weather has been so beautiful here in Southern California I could not stay away. I played two rounds on Saturday, which I’ll review here, and one round on Sunday, which I’ll review later this week. The main event for Saturday was another... Continue Reading →

Different Strokes for Different Folks

If yesterday’s golf adventure was a college art project, it would have been entitled “A Study in Contrast.” It was another interesting day out on the links in the Inland Empire with two vastly different courses played. But I had a lot of fun during both rounds, which just proves the fact there’s many ways... Continue Reading →

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