Too Much Time on My Hands

We've reached the end of my 3-day Southern Utah adventure. After marathon days on both Thursday and Friday of my trip, I was left with just one course in St. George that I hadn't played yet. It turns out, I saved one of the best surprises for last... Sunbrook Golf Club • St. George, UT... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Montreux Golf & Country Club

On a trip filled with marquee rounds, Montrêux was definitely one of the centerpieces. In all honesty, it was the main excuse for this trip. The NCGA comes out to Tahoe every year. They usually play Edgewood Tahoe and another club in the area. This year, they returned to Montrêux Golf & Country Club in Reno... Continue Reading →

Course Review(s): Incline Village

Incline Village would present the main course(s) for the day on Sunday. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the weather forecast was ugly this day and that pretty much kept everyone away from the golf courses we played. This was especially true at Incline Village, which draws more of a resort crowd who are... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Edgewood Tahoe

For my first golf trip to Lake Tahoe, I was very happy with the result. Though I still have plenty more left to play on future visits, I was able to knock down several top-shelf courses that have been on my bucket list for years. None was higher on that list for the region than... Continue Reading →

Where the Nevada Winds Blow

Part 2 of my Tahoe golf adventure takes me to the Nevada side of the border, with two late afternoon rounds on Friday and Saturday respectively. From here on out, I may not post the reviews exactly in order, but they are split up and grouped the best I can see fit. Let's get right... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Seal on Tahoe

I just returned home from a whirlwind 6-day golf adventure. Needless to say, I have a lot of reviews to get caught up on and this will be the first of 10 articles that will come out of this one crazy road trip! I ended up playing 19 different courses (17 of them new to... Continue Reading →

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