August in Vegas, Day 3

Friday was my final day in Las Vegas, and I had at least two more rounds to play. The first two days we didn’t start until 9:00, which is late for me. Friday felt more like normal as I was looking to play as early as possible… Palm Valley Golf Club • Las Vegas, NV... Continue Reading →

August in Vegas, Day 2

After a fun first day in Vegas, I was back at it again on Thursday. The second round of the get-together was slated for one of the area’s premier courses. It’s one I played before, but I would never turn down the opportunity to play it again at a really great price… Cascata •... Continue Reading →

August in Vegas, Day 1

August isn’t necessarily the best time to visit Las Vegas. Obviously, it can be dreadfully hot in the late summer. The weather can also be a bit unpredictable with occasional thunderstorms in the forecast. Flooding can even happen when a freak rain deluge comes through unexpectedly. The other concern this time of year is the... Continue Reading →

Vegas in June, Day 3

For our third day in Vegas, we started east and headed west with 45 more holes of golf played. It ended up being 126 holes of golf over three days, along with a few extra swings at Topgolf. We ended up with a pretty diverse selection of courses, as well. On Sunday, we started by... Continue Reading →

Vegas in June, Day 2

On day two of our most recent Vegas adventure, my friend and I spent the majority of the day on the west side of town. We played 45 holes and then worked our way back onto The Strip for a different kind of golf experience in the evening. We got started in the morning… Badlands... Continue Reading →

Vegas in June, Day 1

Over the past three days, a friend I were out in Las Vegas for another little golf trip. This trip was all about value as we’re entering the offseason out there with the temperatures rising in the summer. Fortunately, we happened to catch three fairly pleasant days after a crazy heat wave just the week... Continue Reading →

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