Birthday Bonanza 2015 (Continued)

I chronicled Thursday and Friday of my birthday weekend, but I still had plenty of golf in store for Saturday and Sunday, so here we go. In true Nomad style, Thursday was spent in Ventura County and Friday down in Carlsbad. Saturday found me headed east into the Coachella Valley and Sunday I was in... Continue Reading →

Wrapping Up My Labor Day Weekend

Most times I get a three-day weekend, I’ll take a little road trip. But I’ve already had plenty of those this summer and a couple more coming up soon, so I figured I’d keep it close to home over the Labor Day holiday. Well, “close to home” by my standards. After two rounds out in... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Journey at Pechanga

Three-word review: Worth the wait! Long-winded review: Wow! What a difference a week makes. Last Sunday, I was slated to play the highly touted Journey at Pechanga course for the first time. However, the weather was so ugly when I showed up, that I decided to cancel my tee time and play Summerly instead. I... Continue Reading →

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