Birthday Bonanza 2015 (Continued)

I chronicled Thursday and Friday of my birthday weekend, but I still had plenty of golf in store for Saturday and Sunday, so here we go. In true Nomad style, Thursday was spent in Ventura County and Friday down in Carlsbad. Saturday found me headed east into the Coachella Valley and Sunday I was in... Continue Reading →

Digging Deeper into Obscurity

This review is a little late because I accidentally left my camera (among other things) behind at Indian Palms last week and had to wait until this weekend to go and pick them up. It’s no surprise I was a bit forgetful after a very hot, yet fairly productive, day in the desert. The day started... Continue Reading →

Back in the Desert (Again!)

The Coachella Valley just can’t keep me away. As my SoCal public, regulation-18 course checklist dwindles down to the final few, I can smell the finish line. I will be pushing hard and fast over the next few weeks to complete this task. After taking care of both Tahquitz Creek courses last weekend, I was... Continue Reading →

The Year of the Desert

After yesterday, I’ve decided to proclaim 2013 as the “year of the desert” when it comes to my Golf Nomad adventures. I’ve taken multiple trips to Arizona and Vegas (in fact, I’ll be up in Nevada next weekend so stay tuned), and I’ve visited part of Southern California’s high desert. And as you may have... Continue Reading →

If You Can’t Beat the Heat, Join It!

I enjoyed a nice day out in the Coachella Valley yesterday, even though it was quite hot. With temperatures well over 100 degrees in the afternoon, I knew it would be brutal. However, I also know that with the heat in the desert comes reduced prices and less crowds. Also, most courses are still in... Continue Reading →

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