Bonus Rounds and Pleasant Surprises

Monday turned out to be the busiest day of my recent Northern California trip. I ended up playing 63 holes from sunrise to sunset. The day began at Dry Creek Ranch, and then the main round was slated for 11:00 at the private Brookside Country Club in an NCGA member outing. I will review that... Continue Reading →

Stuck in Lodi, Again

I don't remember the last time I took basically a full month away from golf, but it was a good break for me. I was able to make some headway on updating all the older posts and links throughout the site, though I still have a ton of work left. Anyway, I did just return... Continue Reading →

Central Valley Weekend, Day 2

I chronicled Saturday’s at private clubs up in Fresno and Visalia. We worked our way further back south for Sunday. I was able to arrange two more private clubs for this day in Kern County. I am extremely grateful both places invited us out… Stockdale Country Club • Bakersfield, CA • 7/9/17 Special thanks to the... Continue Reading →

Central Valley Weekend, Day 1

This weekend, I made my way up to California’s Central Valley. It turned out to be a very interesting and fruitful trip. It all started when a friend (and fellow course collector) was able to set up a round at the private Sunnyside Country Club in Fresno on Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t too excited about... Continue Reading →

Bakersfield Bound

Last Thursday, I made my way up to Bakersfield for another SCGA member outing. As you might expect, I made a full day of it and everything worked out well. A friend of mine joined me for the drive and we got started at the old private club named for the town… Bakersfield Country Club... Continue Reading →

More Central Valley Surprises

According to Mr. Newton, what goes up must come down. I went up to Modesto (albeit the very scenic route through Yosemite) on Friday. Monday saw me working my way back home. Again, it wasn’t the most direct route as I had to go out of my way for different courses along the way. As... Continue Reading →

Course Review: Micke Grove Golf Links

I’ll just review this course by itself. It was the only round I played over the weekend while staying up in Modesto, with full golf days on Friday and Monday to bookend the trip. I had a chance to get out for a quick round on late Sunday afternoon. From Modesto, Micke Grove Golf Links... Continue Reading →

Heading for the Hills

I’m back up in Modesto this weekend on business, but I made the most of my drive up on Friday. I took a rather circuitous route to get here in order to check out some new golf courses along the way. In the morning, I was just east of Fresno for my first round of... Continue Reading →

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