Golf Nomad Regional Course Rankings: Yuma, AZ

Though none of the courses are that exciting, the far southwestern corner of Arizona actually has more golf courses than you probably think it does. Granted, a majority of them are short courses and nothing is high-end, but it is what it is. There’s plenty to keep you busy if you are visiting the Yuma area, and it generally won’t cost you much to play!

These rankings are based on my impressions of the overall design, scenery and relative value combined with more measurable elements such as conditioning, facilities and customer service (taking into account my personal experience(s) at the course and general word-of-mouth from reviews/ratings).

Keep in mind when clicking on any active review links below that often I review multiple courses in the same article, so sometimes you have to scroll down in the story to find the course listed here.


  1. Las Barrancas Golf Course • Yuma, AZ
  2. Mesa del Sol Golf Club • Yuma, AZ
  3. Desert Hills Golf Course • Yuma, AZ
  4. Coyote Wash Desert Golf Resort • Wellton, AZ


  1. Foothills Par 3 Golf Course • Yuma, AZ
  2. Desert Hills Par 3 Golf Course • Yuma, AZ
  3. Westwind RV & Golf Resort • Yuma, AZ
  4. Ironwood Public Golf Course • Yuma, AZ
  5. Fortuna De Oro RV Resort Golf Course • Yuma, AZ

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