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I just set up this private page so people can see all of my discs for sale. Check out the photo galleries below to see discs for sale with brief descriptions. Some of the more collectible ones have suggested prices based on fair resale values I’ve researched, but feel free to make me an offer. I have sorted each gallery by manufacturer. Most are brand new discs that haven’t been thrown (10/10). Some are barely used (8-9/10), with maybe a couple throws in an open field to see how they fly. A few are a bit more beat in, as you’ll see in the descriptions.

This is NOT an online store setup (yet). You can contact me directly at bogeysacrossamerica@gmail.com to make offers, let me know what disc(s) you want, etc. I accept PayPal or Venmo (or cash in person). I can ship them (combined shipping available on multiple discs) or give in person if we happen to be attending the same upcoming SoCal events.








MVP Gyro Axis, Factory Misprint, 179g – 10/10 New


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